The Blue Bead Project

The Blue Bead Project is about giving a voice to the voiceless. It is about awareness intended to bring about change and healing while raising awareness for modern day slavery. Our goal is to get 21 million beads on 21 million people. One for each person trapped in slavery today. Wear a bead to show your support, to start a conversation, to remember, to act up, to speak out.  

Goddess Emergence Project

This project includes a journey through time and across the world. Follow the journals of Arachnia Faulkner as she documents her travels and adventures while in search of the Goddess. It explores the goddess culture and it's impact on our society via art, storytelling and an oracle deck.


Wheatland jug band
absinthe tea
Motor City steam con 1
Motor City steam con 2
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Wheatland 2015 1
kate painting
ted at coptic center
kate making digeridoos
kate at wheatland_edited
ted at unity
kate at tea party
ted at church
Ted and the Fourth Choice!-3
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Wheatland 2015 2
Ted and Kate
Ted Making Art
Ted and I at Drews Wedding
Ted Drumming
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