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Artists & Storytellers. Sharing Adventure and Inspiration to live a Magical Life. Founders of The Blue Bead, a chairity that educates and raises awareness of issues that affect our lives through art, storytelling, music and more.


Ted Jauw is the author of the Surcadian Chronicles, a series of modern 'MythPunk' or 'NowPunk' thrillers including 'The Fourth Choice','The Fifth World' and his esoteric non-fiction companion book 'Rescension'.  His Surcadian Odyssey Series includes the novels 'Teslation' & 'Teslation II'.

 He has been enjoying the crafting of several poems for both children and children at heart. They include  'The Ballad of Arlo the Whale and 'The Ballad of Pete the Pangolin'. He is also a ritualist, drummer, lecturer, teacher and performer as well as the creator of HexenWeldt, a divinatory RPG. 

Kate Jauw is an artist and author. Her Books include 'Absinthe, Alewives & Alchemy', co-written with her husband, Ted along with their latest novella, 'TasseoMagick: The Book of Seseli".  Her other works include 'Tea and Tasseomancy'.  She is the creator of the 'Isis Oracle and Speaking Stones', an original divination method as well as illustrator of "The Ballad of Arlo the Whale', 'The Ballad of Pete the Pangolin',  'The Christmas Story', 'Justin the Frog', the award winning ', 'Energie Annie' series and her own 'Goddess Coloring Book'. 


The Book of Seseli is the first of 3 novellas chronicling the life of Cecile Henriod of the book "Absinthe, Alewives and Alchemy". The Stories reveal how magic weaves through our lives in very real ways and how we can use it to teach, heal and bless.

"Cécile’s family knew that she was different. Her Mother knew it would only be a matter of time before she would need to bring her into the circle of women who would teach her and guide her on her journey of becoming the next Mellisande.

However, carrying the magic forward could be dangerous, especially in 19th Century Switzerland and she was not at all convinced the responsibility should be hers.

Destiny is interrupted by betrayal but as Cécile learns, it cannot be stopped. Because sometimes after every path is blocked, after everything gained is lost and after we have tried it all and failed; the only thing left is Magick."

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Ted Jauw

Author Ted Jauw draws on his exciting and eclectic life amongst Native North and Central American medicine people, African and Diaspora priests, Buddhists, Jungians, scientists and the odd history and characters of his beloved Big Sur, CA. He blends his fascination with hidden histories and their effects on our real world with unrelenting action. His background in Paleontology, shamanism and ancient cultures inform his stories as much as the real people who become his characters who live in a world much like our own, only different. Very different.

As a speaker and ceremonialist, he carries on the work of his beloved  teachers Babatunde Olatunji the famous drummer priest and the celebrated Jungian Mary E. Loomis, Ph.D, whose real and extraordinary lives and stories are somewhere intertwined and always underneath the world he creates from his own equally bizarre and fortunate life.

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Kate Henriott-Jauw

Artist Kate Henriott Jauw completed her first mural at the tender age of 3, in pink crayon. Her parents were thrilled. In an attempt to direct her creative urges into something more constructive, she switched to working in oils at age 8. Since then life has twisted and turned multiple times yet she has never lost her passion for telling stories in pictures. She particularly enjoys creating magical art and her divination boards. And keeps busy with illustration work and book cover art.

Kate uses her experiences as an artist and a reclaiming witch to inspire others through storytelling, art and writing. Her other passions include making her family's Absinthe in the traditional manner, giving her the moniker, Wormwood Queen. She also produces other extracts whose histories and often recipes, have long since been forgotten. 

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Works by Surcadia

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